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Community Outreach / After School

Genesis One Christian School’s mission, in adherence to Proverbs 22:6, is to prepare students for excellence as people of character and to lay the foundation for the development of Christian leaders.

Beginning as a preschool in 1977, GOCS's students scored in the top 10 percentile on the Stanford Aptitude Test (SAT) for three consecutive years upon entering public school. As GOCS extended its program to included higher grades, its students continued to excel.  Students matriculating from GOCS today continue to perform above average.

Nursery Three—Nursery Four
Preparing three and four year-olds for school can be challenging, especially in an environment with limited visual and intellectual stimulation. Genesis One Christian School prides itself on its ability to overcome such barriers. Within its God-loving and nurturing environment GOCS teachers are successful in reaching and motivating at-risk kids.  The focus is on building a solid spiritual and academic foundation. Through story telling, music, rhyme, skits, and memorization of Bible verses, children are taught God’s Word. Social skills such as cooperation, teamwork, respect, and empathy for others are taught and reinforced. Age-appropriate problem-solving skills are developed and hands-on activities are used to teach and improve skills and dexterity. After completing nursery three and nursery four, students are ready for kindergarten and perform well above average on the State entrance aptitude exam.

Kindergarten —Third Grade
Building on the foundation begun in Nursery three and four, students continue to be motivated and challenged to excel in all that they do. Communication skills are broadened; analytical skills are enhanced, and every effort is made to ensure that each child is reading on or above his grade level. A solid foundation is established!

· Assist students in the community to achieve academic success through the use of educational resources as well as tutoring.

· Assist high school students with preparation and registration for the ACT & SAT. We implement ACT’s EPA system to prepare students in grades 8-12 for the ACT test. Provide practice exams and test taking tips as well transportation to the test if needed.

· Assist high school seniors with the college application process. We assist the students with college search, meeting admissions requirements, applying for financial aid and scholarship search. We also arrange college campus visits to in-state schools.

· Assist adults in the community in attaining their GED through GED test prep and registration. We offer a computer lab that allows adults in the community to participate in a GED online course as well as distance learning courses provided by local community colleges.

· Provide job search, career counseling and resume building for community job seekers.

· Provide a study hall for community students who need a quiet place to study and complete school work.

We oversee a mentoring program for all students we assist.

Genesis One School