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Community-Wide Summer Enrichment, C-WSE

Each summer, TMM conducts a community-wide summer enrichment program, targeting youth from the surrounding towns and counties. The goals of C-WSE Program are:

To help improve students' performance in science, math and reading;
To expose youth to  and promote an appreciation for the arts;
To expose youth to the wider community;
To engage youth in supervised, safe, fun games and physical activities, and
To provide a supervised, safe, and welcoming place for youth.

To accomplish the above, labs are conducted in math, basic computer, science, and reading. Field trips are used to expose youth to places and sights that they do not normally experience. Museums, plays, musicals, parks, businesses, factories, government and civic leaders are some of the places and people they are exposed to.

Having fun is an important part of the summer program also. Youth are taken on swimming trips and picnics. Baseball, soccer, volley ball and other sporting activities are an important part of the program as well.

Mendenhall Bible Church has service time for Youth each Sunday morning during Worship. Wednesday evenings w/Pastor Timothy Keys